Preparing Honey Bee Hives For Winter

by in From the Hive March 26, 2020

5 Easy Steps To Break Down An Apiary

We decided to break down our Nursery apiary and take the seven honey bee colonies to our St. Augustine Shores apiary, where we could better care for them over the winter. We showed up early in the morning in an attempt to close the honey bee hives before many forager bees left for their daily chores. Here are 5 Easy Steps To Break Down An Apiary;

  1. Tape up the entrances to prevent bees from getting out during transportation.
  2. Secure the honey bee hives with straps to keep them closed during transportation.
  3. Remove feeder jars and prepare them for transport.
  4. Load honey bee hives and secure in trucks for transport.
  5. Load hive stands and anchor rods for transport.

Everything went smooth and the entire procedure took less than four hours. Having these seven honey bee hives back at the St. Augustine Shores location allowed us to apply heat treatments for varroa, which really benefitted the colonies. They were overcrowded at the end of February and we split several of them and created four more honey bee colonies. The eleven hives are back at the Nursery apiary now and by the looks of things; they will be joined by more honey bee colonies soon.

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