Extracting Local Honey From St. Augustine Hives

by in Honey Extraction August 7, 2019

We started this endeavor to produce local honey from St. Augustine in August of 2018. As we learned more about honey bees and how to best care for them (while staying out of their way) we made the decision not to pull any honey from the hives last Fall. It was a tough decision, but one that we knew was right for our honey bees. As a result, we did not lose any of the seven colonies that we had coming out of Winter. All of the honey bee hives were strong and active heading in to Spring, which has created a milestone for Bee Augustine Honey Co. … OUR FIRST HONEY HARVEST!

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What's Involved In Extracting Honey?

We are passionate about being beekeepers in St. Augustine and we take great pride in the care that we provide for our honey bees. Local residents and neighbors are excited, too! While their gardens increase in productivity, their flowers and trees are directly contributing to the flavors of our local honey from St. Augustine.

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