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by in From the Hive, News & Information June 1, 2019

Bee Augustine Honey Co. officially launched on January 1, 2019 with plans of providing local residents with St. Augustine honey in Summer 2019. The St. Augustine based honey company has been overwhelmed with the support that they have received from local residents and look forward to their first honey harvest this Summer.

How Many Apiaries Does Bee Augustine Honey Co. Have?

Bee Augustine Honey Co. currently has three apiaries; two apiaries located in St. Augustine and another apiary located on a 45 acre thriving nursery. Because honey bees typically forage for nectar and resources within a five mile radius, the multiple locations enable Bee Augustine Honey Co. to provide customers with several flavors of local honey and in most cases, directly from their neighborhoods.

Painted bee boxes awaiting their new honey bee occupants

Why Did You Decide To Become Beekeepers?

We started researching beekeeping in St. Johns County and quickly decided that we wanted to raise honey bees and grow our own local honey. Honey Bees pollinate up to 80% of the world’s plants and food crops and some experts say that one out of every three bites of food that we consume depends on them. The honey bees plight has been well documented over the past ten years, as beekeepers have been losing honey bee colonies at an alarming rate. So, it was an easy decision for us to become beekeepers. As we increase honey bee hives in St. Augustine, we hope to increase awareness about the relationship between honey bees and their role in helping the environment around us and them.

Our Beekeepers

Chris Glochau Bee Augustine Honey Co.
Chris Glochau

Martha Yamnitz

Dave Hall Bee Augustine Honey Co.
Dave Hall

The response from local residents has been overwhelming. When they hear that we have honey bee hives they are genuinely excited and immediately want to buy some.

Martha Yamnitz, Co-Founder | Beekeeper

When Will You Have Local Honey From St. Augustine?

We did not extract honey from our honey bee hives in 2018 to ensure that they had enough resources to survive the Winter. That means that we should have delicious local honey from St. Augustine in Summer 2019.

local st. augustine honey
A frame of honey bees in St. Augustine, Fl.

Want Some Local Honey?

Bee Augustine Honey Co. is proud to provide our friends, family, local residents and visitors to the Nation’s oldest City with 100% pure local honey from St. Augustine. If you are interested in reserving some of our local honey, please enter your information below and we will let you know when the Summer 2019 Harvest is ready for you.

bee augustine honey company
Bee Augustine Honey Co. founders pictured left to right; Martha Yamnitz, Dave Hall & Chris Glochau

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