Introducing A Mated Queen To A Nuc Of Honey Bees In St. Augustine

by in Queens April 7, 2020

Long Live The Queens!

We introduced a mated queen to a nuc at our Nursery apiary. This nuc was a mix of a weak split from our St. Augustine South apiary and a weak swarm that we caught at our St. Augustine Shores apiary. We added a frame of capped brood along with the caged queen and the new honey bee queen should start laying eggs in the next 10-15 days after she is released from her cage. The new Bee Augustine Honey Co. colony should be on its way to producing local honey from St. Augustine in no time.

Want Some Local Honey?

Bee Augustine Honey Co. is proud to provide our friends, family, local residents and visitors to the Nation’s oldest City with 100% pure local honey from St. Augustine. If you are interested in reserving some of our local honey, please enter your information below and we will let you know when the Summer 2020 Harvest is ready for you.

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