Local Honey From St. Augustine

Local honey from St. Augustine comes in a variety of flavors. Honey bees normally forage for nectar and resources within a five mile radius. The honey that they produce is unique to each specific geographical location. As a result, honey from St. Augustine will differ in taste from each location and neighborhood.

Bee Augustine Honey Co. is committed to producing healthy local honey from St. Augustine. All of our honey is straight from our hives. Our apiaries produce delicious St. Augustine honey with six distinctive tastes and characteristics to choose from, each one representing the location and neighborhood where it was created.

We are passionate about being beekeepers in St. Augustine and we take great pride in the care that we provide for our honey bees. Local residents and neighbors are excited, too! While their gardens increase in productivity, their flowers and trees are directly contributing to the flavors of our local honey from St. Augustine.

Our Apiaries

Shores Apiary

Our original apiary located in the St. Augustine Shores neighborhood produces amazing wildflower honey.

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Island Apiaries

Our Island apiaries are located on Anastasia Island and produce local honey from St. Augustine with a coastal twist.

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Beach Apiary

Our Beach apiary is located in Crescent Beach with miles of beautiful coastline on one side and the Intracoastal Waterway on the other side.

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SR 206 Apiary

Our SR 206 Apiary is just 3.5 miles from the beach and provides plenty of resources for our local honey from St. Augustine. 

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Elkton Apiary

Our Elkton apiary is located between the St. Johns River and the County Fair Grounds. More farms means more honey.

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Nursery Apiary

Our Nursery apiary is surrounded by local flowers, plants, citrus trees, and produces delicious local honey.

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Our Mission

To learn and share knowledge about honey bees and backyard beekeeping best practices that utilize natural approaches to maintaining hives.

Our Vision

To become a viable resource for honey from St. Augustine by providing our customers with the best local honey and honey bee products available.

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