Backyard Beekeeping Classes

With Bo Sterk,
Master Craftsman Beekeeper

Past-President of the St. Johns County Beekeepers Association
and Founder of Bees Beyond Borders

Hi, my name is Bo Sterk and I have been a beekeeper for over 25 years. I am a Master Craftsman Beekeeper through the University of Florida, the Founder of Bees Beyond Borders, and the Past-President of The St. Johns County Beekeepers Association. I have helped and mentored hundreds of beekeepers over the past 25 years and love what I do. After all, what could be more important than honey bees, right?

Chances are you found this page because you are thinking of becoming a beekeeper in St. Johns County or you are already a beekeeper and realize that there is a lot more to beekeeping than putting up a box, filling it with bees, and having delicious local honey from St. Augustine whenever you want.

Well, our backyard beekeeping classes should be just what you are looking for. We are offering two classes; one for beginner beekeepers and soon-to-be beekeepers and another class for beekeepers looking to increase their knowledge of honey bees and best management practices.

Whatever your skillset is, we will put you around honey bees in an actual apiary, and in their hives.

Best Practices & Beekeeping Techniques

In our first class you will learn;

An Education On Raising Healthy Honey Bees

The next class is mostly for current beekeepers. In this backyard beekeeping class I teach you;


I have teamed up with Bee Augustine Honey Co., who is already employing most of the tips, tricks, and techniques that I have taught them over the past several years to offer this unique experience. 

Heck ... I already have Martha and Chris bare-handing bees!


Keeping our visitors safe is a top priority for us. We will supply you with personal protection equipment and make every effort to ensure that your experience is safe and informative. That being said, you will be in an actual apiary with actual honey bees, so dress appropriately. Long sleeves, long pants, and closed-toed shoes are a good start 🙂